1.  What are the three components of Passover that are identified here?
    2.  How can you personalize what these three components mean for yourself?
    3.  God’s purpose for setting His people free were two-dimensional. What are the two sides to this coin?
    4.  In what ways do those two dimensions still apply today?  To your own life?
    5.  In what ways do you experience/see the greatness of God through what He has done? In your own life?
    6.  Study the Scriptures quoted from Mark 8 and John 10. What is Yeshua doing/achieving in these statements?
    7. What things do you understand about Passover that you may not have clearly understood before?
    8. Passover is two-dimensional. What are these 2 dimensions?
    9. Why did God tell Pharoah to “let My people go”?  (Ex.9:1).
    10. Study the following, & connect the dots: (a) between the 2 prophecies, & (b) from this statement to how it fulfills Hosea’s prophecy (Hos.11:1): “So he got up, took the Child and His mother during the night, and went to Egypt. He stayed there until Herod’s death. This was to fulfill what was spoken by Adonai through the prophet, saying, “Out of Egypt I called My son”(Matt.2:14,15).


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