NOTE: It will be helpful to study the two Derek Prince videos quoted:

Derek Prince, “True And False Church, Part 1”  Published on Aug 12, 2015,  

Derek Prince, “True And False Church, Part 2,”  Published on Aug 13, 2015,

    1. In what instances, locations, or groups, whether church/congregation or otherwise, are you observing some of these characteristics?
    2. How do you understand the meaning of lukewarm? I.e., how does that look in live action/behaviour? How do you see this? Where do you see this? Are you able to discern/identify what lukewarm looks/acts/feels like?  Because if you cannot, you will be deceived.
    3. How can a group of believers who appear to be doing so well, be described as “miserable and pitiable and poor and blind and naked”? Why does He say this to them?  What do they lack? What is their only hope? What is it that they need to do?
    4. Liberal and lukewarm, no absolute standards, but relativism presides. Society thrives on this; but so does the church in the last days.”  What is the problem with this?
    5. Why is this false prophet/false church referred to as a harlot/prostitute?
    6. What is the definition of a “soulish believer”?  Are you a soulish believer?
    7. Connect the dots between being a soulish believer and deception.
    8. When the mind is carelessly exposed, then submitted to the things of the world, a door is opened for wrong spirits to enter in. “The process that leads to unfaithfulness is the corrupting of the mind  . . . .” (Prince). For more clarity on open doors, please re-visit my STUDY TOPICS from 06.03.19, , and 07.03.19, , and the accompanying “MENTORING CORNER” STUDY GUIDES.


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