1. Think of occasions in which you rationalized, justified, and made excuses regarding something the Lord clearly advised, but you either did not follow through with, or partially followed through?
    2. Reflect on the situation. What consequences followed?
    3. In what ways has God administered discipline?
    4. In what events have you by-passed God’s instructions and done things your own way, only to soon discover they did not bring the results you wanted in the end?
    5. How important is obedience to the Lord in your life?
    6. Why is obedience so important?
    7. In what instances, and in what ways, have you attempted to appease God, substituting some alternate act of doing to compensate for having been disobedient? Recall the outcome. . . .
    8. CONNECT THE DOTS BETWEEN doubt, dismissal, unbelief and ultimate disobedience.
    9. Seek the Lord for all such occasions and situations referred to above, and confess/repent to the Lord.
    10. Admit to those occasions where you thought you were somehow fooling, or appeasing God with alternate actions. CONFESS, REPENT, put that flesh to death, & put an end to such rebellious practises.


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