1. Many are led astray, believing that nothing can cause one to lose God’s covering. They will quote Rom. 8:32-39, and declare/claim. But Rom.8 is talking about God’s love, not His protection. Although He never withdraws His love, we lose some coverage when we are disobedient, living outside His will in any way. Take a few minutes to reassess the teachings you’ve had, implied conclusions/assumptions/misunderstandings which may have caused laxness/carelessness in your walk and brought you under attack by the Enemy because of the loss of God’s protective covering.
  2. From the Scriptures quoted in this STUDY, make a list of the CONDITIONS pointed out  for maintaining God’s protective covering.
  3. Now identify which conditions you qualify for.
  4. Address the conditions which you need to fulfill. What aspects in your walk require alterations? Is it your thought life, desires/emotions, or is it overt behaviour or other habits, patterns, etc. that need attention?
  5. Think of times/occasions, or seasons in your walk as a believer, when you can clearly see that there was not full coverage in your life.
  6. If there are curses over you, of course, this will affect your coverage. It is not that God abandons you; however, curses, by their very nature, mean that the Enemy has control/power over you in particular areas of your life, and this will automatically provide open doors to the Enemy. If this is your situation, seek out spiritual mentors/ministries to assist in breaking the curses so that you may receive the full benefits of God’s covering over your life.
  7. Define what is meant by “dwelling in/abiding in.”
  8. Define what is meant by the “secret place.”
  9. Meditate on these concepts. Identify for yourself – connect the dots from what it means for you to be abiding in Him, operating out of that secret place, and your experience of His covering.
  10. Make a commitment today to enter into that walk of intimacy, of daily surrender, of obedience, of abiding in that secret place. If you have not been dwelling there, you will be amazed at the awesome aroma of His Sweet Supernatural Peace when you abide in His Holy Presence. It is truly an enviable place to reside. I pray you will not only enter in, but ABIDE/DWELL there daily, 24/7.

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