Father, bring conviction upon Your people of how that the best way to avoid undesirable consequences is to study Your Word, so we can understand how You work, Your principles, and how they apply to our own little lives.

Thank-You, Heavenly Father, for Your Word; that we know we have a true and steadfast guideline for our lives, and for understanding how You operate. Thank-You, Father, that we can see that Your principles in OT and throughout Your Word give us a clear idea of what is most important to You. Let us be grateful that we can apply these principles personally, to our very own life situations, our personal lives, and thereby benefit, avoiding consequences, and receiving blessings.

Thank-You, Lord, that we don’t even need to ask some questions, for You have provided the answers even before we ask. Give us the ability to follow through with the full extent of whatever You may have shown any individual one of us, so we do not have to end up paying consequences,(1 Sam.15:26,28), like King Saul. Make us, unlike King Saul (1 Sam.15:2,3), to complete the full task, and not only the portion that seems to make sense to us, or to do only what appeals to us. Open our eyes to see that it  does not work to omit the part that is unappealing or fails to suite our needs and desires, leaving the task unfinished (1 Sam.15:9), then making excuses, rationalizing, and justifying our decision to omit certain components of what You ordered us to do (1 Sam.15:20,21), fooling ourselves into believing that this will pacify You, for just as You admonished Saul through Samuel, so You will admonish us, whether through someone else, directly, or by circumstances, for You require complete obedience, and are not appeased by, nor will You accept, sacrifices in place of obedience (1 Sam.15:22,23).

For anyone right now who is facing consequences for having already erred in this way, I ask for revelations that will bring that individual to conviction, and thereby repentance, that they will make themselves right before You, Lord. Reveal to that one facing this situation what is required to make things right. Grip that individual’s heart with supernatural vice grips, humbling them, in order that You may lift them up. Strengthen them, and rejuvenate their commitment to walk in obedience; to want to walk in the Spirit, walk in surrender, walk in intimacy with You. Thank-You, Father, that Your ongoing forgiveness is available, that all we need do is confess our sins, & You are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

May we acknowledge that “Your ways are higher . . . . Your thoughts are not our thoughts . . .” (Isa.55:8,9), make us to walk in a spirit of humility, responding with an attitude of submission, & out of awe. Open our eyes to see that there are real consequences for disobedience; and partial obedience = disobedience. May we walk in holy awe and a fear of disobedience.

Inject into our hearts the realization that nothing is more important to You than a perfectly loyal, surrendered HEART, just as Your Word confirms in this passage: “Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them . . .” (Deut.5:29). Make us to “take care to do according to Your commandments —to not turn aside to the right or to the left  . . . . walk in all the way that our God has commanded us, so that we may live and it may be well with us” (Deut.5:32,33), averting the consequences of failing to do so.

May it be a lesson to us all, that partial obedience will not satisfy Your requirements; and partial disobedience is no different than outright disobedience. May it be evident to all that the principles of how You operate are not confined to Kings, or OT times, etc., but applies to us all, still applying today. I pray for enlightenment that invites commitment. Bring Your followers to a place of passion, a walk of freedom/victory. Make each one to be totally dissatisfied with minimal salvation, barebones entry into the Kingdom, instead of victorious living. In Jesus/Yeshua’s Holy Name. Amen.

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