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Amir Tsarfati, Feb.13, 2017, “God’s Calendar,”

We probably all know the Passover Story; but not all are aware of the connection between what “Christians” celebrate as “Easter” and that which Judaism celebrates as Passover. In the coming days, Study Corner will look at a variety of related issues on this topic.

“Now Adonai spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, “This month will mark the beginning of months for you; it is to be the first month of the year for you. Tell all the congregation of Israel that on the tenth day of this month, each man is to take a lamb for his family one lamb for the household . . . . .  Your lamb is to be without blemish, a year old male. . . . . You must watch over it until the fourteenth day of the same month. Then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel is to slaughter it at twilight” (Ex.12:1-3,5,6). So after caring for, bonding with, falling in love with this beautiful, innocent little creature for four days, they have to kill it. Sounds heartless and cruel . . .  It gets worse: “They are to take the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the crossbeam of the houses where they will eat it” (Ex. 12:7).  Think about it. It would be like eating your pet! What a sad, horrid thing to have to do! Amir Tsarfati,, (, explains it this way: “the difficulty/pain of having to kill and eat the perfect little lamb that the entire family became attached to provides a comparison to the agony of the Father when His Son was sacrificed for humankind on the cross.”  

When Yahweh directed Moses to “take the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the crossbeam of the houses” (Ex.12:7), and that Adonai will pass through to strike down the Egyptians, but when He sees the blood on the crossbeam and the two doorposts, Adonai will pass over that door, and will not allow the destroyer to come into your houses to strike you down” (Ex.12:23), He was establishing the Passover; and this was to be a permanent remembrance, for Adonai said: Also you are to observe this event as an eternal ordinance, for you and your children” (Ex.12:23,24). Explained so well by Amir Tsarfati, “It’s the blood that causes judgment to pass over the house” ( “It is Adonai’s Passover” (Ex.12:11).

“Remember this day, on which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage. For by a strong hand Adonai brought you out from this place. No hametz may be eaten” (Ex.13:3).

“You are to tell your son on that day saying, ‘It is because of what Adonai did for me when I came out of Egypt” (Ex.13:8).

The story of Exodus is a story of deliverance from the bondage of Egypt to the land of promise. The blood on the doorposts, having delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, was a foreshadowing of the Blood of Yeshua/Jesus, the ultimate deliverance, redemption, and salvation from all sins and bondages. So to abandon the celebration of Passover and replace it with meaningless Pagan practices of eggs, bunnies, chocolates, must be so offensive to our Lord God and Saviour Yeshua Ha-Mashiach I, personally, find it amazing that we have not all been struck down.

“The unleavened bread speaks of the sinless life of Jesus” (Amir Tsarfati, ). “Get rid of the old hametz, so you may be a new batch, just as you are unleavened—for Messiah, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us celebrate the feast not with old hametz, the hametz of malice and wickedness, but with unleavened bread—the matzah of sincerity and truth” (1 Cor. 5:8,9). “Jesus is not only the Passover, He’s also the unleavened bread” (Tsarfati, Feb. 13, 2017, The unleavened bread, the sinless Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, who became the Passover Lamb, “the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world,” (John 1:29). To think this could be replaced with Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs . . . . ..

Although Gentile believers, having veered off from their Jewish brethren, shortly after the ascension of Yeshua to His heavenly home, left behind the commitment to maintain this ordinance, it does not alter the validity of it. Just because the Gentile believers abandoned the original dictates of Torah under the misconception that Yeshua/Jesus somehow did away with Torah laws/what His time on earth was intended to demonstrate, does not alter the true meaning of what He came to accomplish, or the lasting meaningfulness of the Passover celebration. Having replaced Passover with the pagan holiday of Easter does not change, in Elohim’s eyes, the validity of keeping this feast, or the connection between the Old/New Covenant.

The eyes of Gentile believers and their leaders, having been blinded to the full meaning and connection between Passover of the Old Covenant and the Last Supper Passover of the New Covenant, just as they have separated the Jesus of the New Testament from the God of the Old Testament, despite the fact that it was the Father that Yeshua came to reveal; despite the fact that  it was Jesus/Yeshua Himself, Who said: “I and the Father are One” (John 10:30). The Church therefore has not informed their congregants about their Jewish roots, the paganistic take-over, or the numerous compromises that have been made, relinquishing Biblical laws/practices for the approval of society, and to minimize the risk of persecution. Sadly, most people who consider themselves to be Christ followers are following a non-existent anglo saxon Jesus and not the Jewish Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, the One who lived, taught, and modelled how to live out the teachings of Torah, including the Passover.

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NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles to follow on the topic of Passover/Easter