1. How have you most recently heard the Holy Spirit directing you in your life?
  2. Identify how this, for you, is related to doing the Father’s business?
  3. If you are of the mindset which assumes that doing the Father’s business means that there must be some very obvious major task/ministry for you, then you will likely miss what might be the Father’s business for you. Most often, for any individual in the process of learning what discipleship involves, doing the Father’s business, may involve something He needs for you to die to or complete, before He can assign to you a major task. Or it may be an assignment to share your faith in Him with someone at work, a neighbour, or some other individual.  It may be some other form of growth that is related to “working out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil.2:12). Don’t miss the small stuff because you’re watching for the big stuff! You are not ready for the big stuff if you haven’t done the small stuff/preliminary work.
  4. Why did Yeshua say “It is finished!” ?
  5. If Yeshua couldn’t do anything without the Father’s go-ahead, how is it that so many times you jump in ahead of Him? What needs to change?
  6. When and in what areas of life, are you most distracted?
  7. Identify the patterns of thought, behaviour, or emotional activity that needs to be put to death in order for you to become fully focussed.
  8. Re-read the paragraphs making reference to Yeshua’s need to fulfill the Scriptures/prophecies. Now connect the dots between that same principle (i.e. the need to fulfill the Scriptures/prophecies), and what God the Father needs for you to do. What do you need to do in order that HIS purpose for you will be fulfilled?
  9. In what ways have you, or are, or might you be, or could you in future, be getting in the way of fulfilling God’s purpose for your life?
  10. What do you need to do to stay in the midst of God’s will, just as Yeshua did in His time on earth?

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