Even if you’ve already watched Peter Horrobin’s video I encourage you to watch it AGAIN, before doing the following work:

    1. What does Horrobin say about “swimming against the current”? “In order to follow Jesus, we have to ________________”
    2. How can you apply this to your life/your walk?
    3. “What you think determines what you do. . ..  . Every single thing we do begins with a thought” (Horrobin) – APPLY  this to your thoughts and how they are affecting YOUR LIFE.
    4. What does Horrobin teach us about ignorance regarding God? How can you relate this to YOUR LIFE/YOUR WALK? Go back and listen to it if you didn’t get it the first time.
    5. What does Horrobin teach that is so important in order to put John 8:31,32 in context?  How does this impact you/your concept of “freedom”?
    6. Re-read the passages from Luke 11, and write down a list of all that you learned that you did not previously know, including anything that the Study itself did not identify.
    7. How is it that demons recognize Yeshua right away?
    8. How is it that demons are so fearful of Yeshua?
    9. In what ways might it serve humankind to have a bit more of this awareness as well as this fear?
    10. In what ways is humankind, including purported believers, a bit too lackadaisical, a bit too assumptive and familiar with Yeshua/God Almighty? Why might it be unwise to take for granted the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
    11. What do you understand about the legal rights that demons have?
    12. Re-study the passages in Luke 8. Before proceeding to the list of things learned from these passages, make your own list of things you learned. Then compare them to the Study List; see what you missed; see what you may have added.
    13. CONNECT THE DOTS from these teachings by Horrobin and the teachings in Luke 11 and Luke 8 and the principles gleaned from those. What do they have to do with the “TRUTH SETTING YOU FREE”?


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