1. How would you describe your understanding of deliverance ministry/spiritual warfare, and demonic strongholds and activity?
  2. What types of teachings and/or experience have you had on this topic?
  3. How would you describe what you learned from the Matt.12 set of passages? How does that compare with your previous learnings?
  4. How do you understand the passages from Mark 9?
  5. Write down everything you learned about demonic activity, spiritual warfare, and deliverance – what it consists of, & how to deal with it.
  6. Now compare what you recorded, with the 12 summary points of “lessons” in the STUDY.
  7. What is your understanding of the “Strong Man”?  (Matt.12:29).
  8. Recall any incidents of manifestations you have witnessed, either in person, or on TV, etc., and reflect on how you understood (or failed to understand) them at that time. Measure them against these examples. In what ways is your understanding enhanced, or different?
  9. When you look at the approach taken by Yeshua, what makes the greatest impression on you?
  10. PLEASE watch the Horrobin video, & discover more.
  11. In what ways are you applying God’s truth?
  12. In what ways do you need to learn to apply God’s truth more effectively?

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