1. What teaching have you had regarding God’s blessings?
  2. Many are teaching that anyone can simply claim/declare/speak God’s blessings over their life and that is it. They have never been taught that there are conditions; that one is expected to follow/apply/walk in God’s ways; that it is Messiah Who finished HIS WORK on the Cross, not your work, but HIS. We still have work tø do, if we want to walk in victory and complete freedom. *** this is about victorious living NOT about salvation.
  3. Study the quoted Scriptures from Exodus and Deuteronomy, and identify conditions for yourself.
  4. Now determine, on the basis of the conditions, whether you qualify for God’s blessings. ***And for those of you who have been taught that this is only OT Law, please study Lk.9:23,24.
  5. If, in spite of meeting those qualifications, your life seems to lack His blessings, watch the Derek Prince video quoted, and determine if you are under a generational curse.
  6. If you are under a generational curse, I would encourage you to: (1) Watch ALL the Derek Prince videos on my youtube playlist; (2) Follow all His suggestions and prayers, in addition to praying through the Nehemiah and Daniel models of prayer; (3) Take your situation to a spiritual mentor in your place of worship, your Pastor/Rabbi, and receive prayer support and deliverance ministry. It will be the very rare instance that can be worked through entirely on one’s own.
  7. Throughout this process you will need to become aware of the family patterns, secrets, behaviours that occurred, as well as your part in them, that may have created the curses. You will need to forgive, to confess and repent repeatedly.
  8. If your inability to walk in freedom/victory is not related to a generational curse(s), you need to look at your relationship with the Lord, your walk, and make some alterations there.

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