1. Where are you on the scale of Faith > Certainty? If you were to plot it on a graph, with Faith on the high end (10) and Certainty on the low end (1) – where would you fall?
  2. At what point in your walk do you find yourself struggling with doubts and fears, anxieties, the need for certainty?
  3. Catch yourself when you are trying to figure out something that requires a decision: (a) Surrender your thoughts to the Lord; (b) Trust Him for the answer, and let go of the control need to figure it out
  4. Ask yourself what it is that makes it so difficult to let go of the control sticks?
  5. What is in your past which causes the distrust, fear, doubt?
  6. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is needed in order for you to surrender, to totally depend on Him, and trust Him for the answer?
  7. Confess, repent, ask for forgiveness, forgive; do whatever it is that will break through the barriers to faith (Matt.16:24,25).
  8. Realize that holding onto control; believing that you have to find the answer is a form of self-idolatry; it says you know better than God. You will need to ask for forgiveness for thinking you know better than God. You will need to humble yourself before Him, so He can lift you up (James 4:10).
  9. Make this your prayer: “I Wanna Be Just Like You,” by Jason Upton,

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