1. Please watch the Horrobin Youtube videos before answering the following questions.
  2.     What ungodly soul ties have been formed in your life?
  3. If you are not aware of ungodly soul ties, ask the Lord to reveal to you if there are any individuals you are tied to in any ungodly way, be it sexual or otherwise.  Keep in mind that there are an endless variety of sources which create ungodly soul ties. Things such as shared occultic practices with certain individuals, people who have taught you and/or led you astray through such activities as Ouija Boards, Tarrot Cards, will have formed ungodly soul ties. Drug use, witchcraft practices, pornography, other ungodly interests shared over time with certain individuals can be responsible for ungodly soul ties. Virtual reality or other shared sexual experiences online, through emails, texts, photo sharing, as well as fantasizing must be included.
  4. Write out a comprehensive list based on the previous question.
  5. Based on Horrobin’s teaching, you will need to: (1) Confess the activity; (2) Repent of what was done; (3) Ask God’s forgiveness; (4) Forgive, if this is applicable (if you were victimized); (5) Ask God to heal the places that were wounded and broken; (6) Ask for God’s cleansing of this defilement; (7) Break the ungodly soul tie; (8) Break the curse it brought upon your life; (9) Deliverance: (a)Demons gain access through these ungodly soul ties/activities; (b) Although you have the God-given authority to evict demonic presences, you may want to consult or recruit spiritual direction, support, and/or assistance through formal Deliverance Ministry, such as Ellel, if there is a Branch available in your area, or ask for assistance from leadership in your place of  worship.

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