Father, guide, lead, teach Your people about demonic activity and strongholds, so they can be set free. Enlighten the eyes of their understanding (Eph.1) that each one would see how doors are opened to the demonic. I pray for transformation through complete conviction, repentance, healing, and deliverance.

I ask, Father, that by Your Holy Spirit, You would teach Your people to take seriously the need to apply Your Word to their lives. Teach Your people to come out of the desert, and hands-on DO the things that Peter Horrobin talks about in his video, and to understand in a new way, at a new level what is involved in “KNOWING THE TRUTH, and having the TRUTH set them FREE” (John 8:31,32). I pray You would ignite a desire for such complete FREEDOM, freedom from the fleshly, sensual, carnal aspects of self that create a barrier between YOU and them, and between them and FREEDOM, and that keeps them in BONDAGE, the complete opposite of FREEDOM.

Bring a new awareness of how to apply Your Words, Your Principles, Your teachings from Your Word in a practical way, to each of their own lives. Enable the things that Lk.11:24-26, and Lk.8:27-39 teaches/demonstrates to come alive in a personal way. Take each one to the inner depths of their being – their hearts, their human living spirits – to look deep within and discover what is there, and to face the truth, to go to Your Truth, and to apply it to their own lives, so they may experience true freedom and victory, in Jesus/Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

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