Father, I pray that Your people would learn hand’s-on application from Your Word.

I pray that where the Church has fallen short in equipping their people to stand against the Enemy in their own lives, and in assisting others to attain freedom through deliverance from demonic entities, that more of Your people would get into the Word, bring their walk where it needs to be, step up to the plate, and take matters into their own hands, instead of remaining in bondage, either struggling themselves, or watching others struggle.

As Yeshua said: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with tzara’at (leprosy), drive out demons” (Matt.10:8). Show Your people through the Words of Jesus/Yeshua (Lk.10:19) the authority we’ve all been given, and empower each one to take steps to make practical application, in accordance with the examples of those deliverance/healing sessions by Jesus/Yeshua (also others by Paul, in Acts).

I pray, Father, for a resurgence of common sense, so sadly lacking in today’s world. When something needs fixing, we either fix it ourselves, or find a way to get assistance in doing so. Please bring revelations of this in the area of bondages to strongholds. If there are bondages to strongholds, they need to be gotten rid of. And I thank-You, Father, that in Your Word we can find all the answers; the practical application given to us by Jesus/Yeshua Himself. Teach and equip Your people to not just know a little bit of truth (John 8:32), and foolishly expect that knowledge to set them free. Rip the blinders off that they may realize that they must APPLY the TRUTH that has been made known to them.

Oh, Lord, I pray for a breakthrough from complacency, attrition, and laziness, to a place of passion for You, for true freedom, & victory, that people would no longer be satisfied with second-best, with coasting, with lukewarm, just-barely-making-it into-heaven/one-foot-in-the-world brand of Christianity. Set a fire under Your people. Bring true revival, for true revival starts in the hearts of individuals. Set Your people’s hearts on fire for You, Lord, in Jesus/Yeshua’s Precious Name. Amen.

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