Lord Jesus, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, give us the desires of Your heart, so that the desires of our hearts will be aligned with Yours, that everything we do will be done for Your glory, not of our own, self-serving, or people-pleasing carnal desires. It is Your approval we need, not that of anyone else.

I pray, Father, by Your Holy Spirit, that we would willingly, from the heart, spend time in prayer regularly, by ourselves, not just praying when in organized Bible Study Groups, etc., praying to impress others (Matt.6:1-4) with how  spiritual we are. Let us live our lives in constant, spontaneous communion, just as Paul suggests, that we “pray at all times” (Eph.6:18), and “pray continually” (I Thess. 5:17), for we know that You can hear our thoughts, and there is no occasion or situation in which we cannot be in silent prayer.

Make us aware of our motives, and cause us to make a heart check (Prov.4:23), for Your Word makes it clear that when we are coming at things from selfish, erroneous motives, intentions, &/or desires, whatever we do or pray will not count,(I Cor.3:12-15), for just as the deeds done from wrong motives are soulish/carnal, so are the prayers that are said from wrong intentions, motives, &/or desires. Father, convict us on those occasions when we say soulish prayers. Forgive us for every prayer we’ve ever said from wrong motives, intentions, & desires, whether for ourselves or for someone else, for selfish, carnal, soulish prayers are not honouring You, nor will they bear any fruit for ourselves, nor those for whom we may be praying. Forgive us, each one, I pray.

Make us to abide in You, (John 15:5,6), that all our prayers would be said to Your Glory (1 Cor.10:31). Let us spend that quality time in secret with You, Lord (Matt.6:6), and not get caught up in impressing others, or simply being lazy and only praying when we have to, because we are in a church gathering or Bible Study/Prayer Group.

Make us to be present to You, Lord Yeshua/Jesus, to “the feelings of Your Heart,” (, Jason Upton, “The Feelings of Your Heart”). Make us to be the ones who, as Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, in his message posted on Feb.7, 2018, ( refers to, will not look to any self-recognition, but be totally unconcerned about whether people know our names, concerned only about bringing the Master Glory, that Your purposes be realized in/through our lives, and our deeds bring You glory, in Your Holy and precious Name. Amen.

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