1. What does it mean to you, personally,  that Yahweh is a God of Covenant?
  2. Review paragraph 2 of this Study. Understand the implications of what it means that Yeshua reiterated what was said by Isaiah the prophet. What does that teach you?
  3. How do paragraphs 3 & 4 help you understand how that Yahweh/Yeshua is a God of justice, righteousness, and judgment? See the ways in which these all fit together. All the different strands/features/characteristics fit together to show us who our God is.
  4. Study Chumney’s youtube video/material for a better understanding of the Jewish roots & the integration of Covenant. Connect the dots to your own life. Every principle applies to Israel, and on national, institutional, and personal levels to those of us grafted in.
  5. “Once God Almighty has made a decree, it cannot be reversed, whether it is for good or bad: “The plan of Adonai stands forever, the purposes of His heart from generation to generation” (Ps.33:11; ref. Also, Isa.46:9,10).”  I want you to take this statement & apply it to situations you have experienced, lived through. Identify the consequences of each situation. Did your behaviour/response to God’s call bring blessings or curses on yourself?
  6. “what happens to Messiah happens to Israel, and what happens to Israel happens to Messiah.” (quote from Chumney). How does this affect you, and all believers who are grafted in, a well as Israel? What do you need to glean from this for your own life?
  7. The Covenant(s) made with Israel belong to all who follow Yeshua Messiah. In what ways does this broaden your perspective and understanding of the bigger picture of all of God’s Word, and how it affects/connects to YOUR life?

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