1. On a scale of 1 > 10, if 1=none, and 10=high level of familiarity, where would you plot your familiarity with the Scriptures of OT/NT re prophecies on “Ends Times/last days”?
    2. How can you relate to these prophecies?
    3. Where do you see some of them fulfilled in the present time?
    4. What sort of teaching have you had on the end times/prophecies?
    5. How well does the teaching that you’ve had, and your understanding, fit with the Scriptures quoted here/Biblical interpretation itself?
    6. Connect the dots yourself from OT > NT Scriptures.
    7. This Study is based on Scriptures. The emphasis is necessary, in order to make clear that none of this work is opinion, but simply God’s Word. Study the Scriptures; and go to references from the ones you look up; and you will discover many, many more on the topic. Expand your understanding, so that you can be better prepared, instead of fearful, and know where we are in God’s timetable. I also highly recommend studying the material on prophecy by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.


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