1. What thoughts have you had in regards to God being your Husband?
  2. In some ways God as Husband  seems  far fetched . . . . but if you meditate on the true meaning of it, it alters your perception in regards to: your status; your relationships; your priorities. Put your life – heart, soul, body – within this framework, & see where it takes you.
  3. Is God speaking to you on this? What is He trying to tell you?
  4. If you do not understand yet the concept of having been “grafted in” – that if you are a believer in/follower of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, the promises that apply to Israel also apply to you, please visit my webpage @ and specifically click onto the article entitled, “Gentiles Grafted In” and you will develop a better understanding, which may assist you with this analogy of God as Husband.
  5. Identify times/seasons in your life when you have been unfaithful, backslidden. Connect the dots between this season in your life & the times when Israel was disobedient/unfaithful to Yahweh.
  6. In retrospect, see how God was there waiting for you to return to Him, how He welcomed you with open arms on your return. Thank Him now, and confess and repent, if you have not done so before.
  7. God wants/yearns to be a Husband to ALL His people. But see how He wants to do this personally in relationship with you, individually. Lay hold of the awesome and incredible privilege this really is, and spend some time meditating, communing,worshipping our Great and Wonderful God, our Elohim, the Great-I-Am, that you are so privileged to have a personal relationship with a God Who wants to be so close to you that He considers it as a marriage.
  8. Write out what it means to you/for your life that you can claim God the Father, Your King, Saviour, & Redeemer, also as your spouse.
  9. What must you put to death in order to surrender to God as your Husband?
  10. What could justify resistance to God as your Husband?

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