1. In what instances have you been caught up in self-righteousness?
  2. Think of occasions where you get down in the dumps, and allow yourself to have a pity party. To what extent have you sometimes allowed self-pity to consume you?
  3. In what areas of your life are you most vulnerable to assuming a sense of false humility?
  4. How, and when, and where are you most likely to exercise control, taking responsibility for others’ actions, etc., when it has not been called for?
  5. In what areas of life are you most likely to experience vane thoughts?
  6. Integrate all those different experiences/occasions, as referred to (above), and connect the dots between those experiences/occasions and their outcomes. Identify now, where in retrospect, you can see that there was self-righteousness, self-pity, false humility, erroneous responsibility-assumption, vanity, etc.
  7. Reflect on those occasions where you were in control, and thought you were doing a great service for someone. Look deeper (up close and uncomfortable) and see if your motives were self-serving underneath it all.
  8. Identify as many occasions as you possibly can where, upon reflection, you are now convicted that these things you did that you thought were so noble at the time, were self-driven, and not called for by God at all.
  9. What do you need to do differently now? (HINT: see references from previous  Studies re “Death of Self”/putting flesh to death on the Cross, as well as the ones on “Surrender”).
  10. Practice focussing on worshipping Yeshua/God the Father, SURRENDER (of each and every emotion, desire, action, and interaction), and being led by the Holy Spirit instead of the flesh. Shoot for the Mary/Miriam (worship) position instead of the Martha (works) position.

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