1. What does it mean to be brought to “the end of oneself”?
  2. Have you been brought to the end of your self?
  3. What do you think it would take to bring you to “the end of your self”?
  4. In what experience(s) do you believe you have been brought to the “end of your self”?
  5. Why should one need to be brought to the “end of one’s self” in order to truly be useful to God?
  6. What has to happen for one to be brought to the end of oneself? Identify at least half a dozen or more things that need to occur.
  7. What stage of the process of dying to self and/or being brought to the end of self are you in?
  8. Study the before/after for Peter. Identify things in Peter that needed to die. Apply this measuring stick to your self and determine where you are in this process.
  9. If we do not deny/die to self, who are we denying?
  10. What did it take to break Peter? What will it take to break you?
  11. Study John 21:15-17 again. What was the point Yeshua was trying to make with Peter? What point is He attempting to make with you?
  12. Study Acts 2 and identify the changes in Peter.
  13. How has this Study assisted you? In what ways do you see more clearly the self-life in you? What are some things that need to get put to death/denied?

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