Father, I want to be so tuned in to Your Holy Spirit that I will not miss a message.

Let me be ever attentive that whether Your Holy Spirit speaks to me in the form of a Word of Knowledge, “given through the Ruach a word of knowledge according to the same Ruach,” (1 Cor.12:8), Your Word, a vision, dream, prophetic word, or through a circumstance, such as opening/closing doors, etc., I will receive the message. Whether I am being alerted to something good or bad, I want to know what it is You need for me to know.

I thank You, Father, that by Your Spirit I can hear from You, and I need not run to Psychics, consult horoscopes, seek out mediums to consult with the dead, or even rely on intuition. I have a much better source whose information is entirely reliable and non-fictional. What more could I hope for/ ask for? Forgive me for times past when I have offended You by consulting wrong sources, instead of going directly to You.

Thank Holy Spirit, for teaching me God’s Word: “the Helper, the Ruach ha-Kodesh whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything that I said to you” (John 14:26); and You do! You are my greatest teacher! Thank-You for the discernment You give me (1 Cor.12:3), the awareness You give me to catch those situations, individuals, and things which are not from You. Therefore, I “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God. For many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). Thank-You, that I am not left as a vulnerable target of the Enemy.

Although I may not always be sure about all my giftings, I do so thank You that: “there are various kinds of gifts, but the same Ruach  . . .  to each person is given the manifestation of the Ruach for the benefit of all. . . .  But one and the same Ruach activates all these things, distributing to each person individually as He wills” (1 Cor.12:4,7,11). I pray You will shed Your Light on whatever special gifts You have provided to fulfill Your purposes for others through me (James 4:2,3), for I am not asking for gifts for my own selfish purposes. I need wisdom to know how to put to good use whatever gifts I have been given, (James 1:5), and I thank-You, Lord, for “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from You” (James 1:17). Let me ask always for what is in accordance with His Word, therefore, Your Will.

Holy Spirit convict me of my errors, failings, outright sins (John 16:8). Show me where I am in error and unaware of it. I want to know when I am messing up so I can correct it. I am not afraid of conviction. No, I welcome it, because I understand that through conviction, I can then confess/repent, just as David when he said: “I have sinned greatly in what I have done! But now, Adonai, please take away the iniquity of Your servant, for I have acted very foolishly” (2 Sam.24:10), and make things right, for I do not ever want to be in danger of Your removing Your Holy Spirit from me, either (Ps.51:13).

I am eternally grateful for the blessing of Your Holy Spirit Who unites me with other believers, all true believers having access to the same Holy Spirit: “if Messiah is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the Spirit is alive because of righteousness. And if the Ruach of the One who raised Yeshua from the dead dwells in you, the One who raised Messiah Yeshua from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Ruach who dwells in you” (Rom.8:10,11); and “The Ruach Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God” (Rom.8:16), reassuring me of who I am. May Your Spirit unite Your people more fully, as You always intended, “For in one Ruach we were all immersed into one body—whether Jewish or Greek, slave or free—and all were made to drink of one Ruach” (1 Cor.12:13). Bring us all back to the place of the first Century believers who walked in oneness together, united in Your Word, and not chopped up into 100’s of meaningless denominations.

Thank-You, Holy Spirit, for leading, and prompting me in prayer, at times when I either would not know what or how to pray (Rom.8:26,27). Let me be sensitive/responsive to whatever it is You may identify that needs prayer.

I pledge to make it my goal to commune with You, Holy Spirit throughout my daily tasks; to stay tuned in and not miss a message. You are my best friend, & I couldn’t even begin to imagine walking through a day without You. You are the only friend I can count on 24/7. Thank-You, Holy Father, Lord Jesus/Yeshua for giving me Your Holy Spirit. In Your Holy Name. Amen.

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