Father, make me to surrender my heart so completely that there would be nothing You need that You would not be able to call me to. I want Your eyes to rest on me (2 Chron.16:9), as You look for someone through whom You can work. I want to be available and ready to do whatever You would have me do. Take me and use me, for I am an offering and I am a sacrifice. I want to live “not unto myself, but unto You, Who died, and rose again” (2 Cor.5:15).

Thank-You, Yeshua, that You have relegated to all who are true disciples, “authority over unclean spirits, to drive them out and heal every kind of disease and sickness” (Matt.10:1). You said:  “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with tzara’at, drive out demons. Freely you received, freely give” (Matt.10:8). I am so grateful that You have granted me the “authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; nothing can harm me” (Lk.10:19), so I can chase away all wrong spirits that try to come at me.

Give me the boldness to spread the Word about You/Your salvation, “and proclaim the Good News to every creature” (Mk.16:15). Make me an “ambassador for You, so God can make His appeal through me” (2 Cor.5:20).

Lock down, and seal it in my mind, that I was created to bring You glory, not for my own pleasure; and teach me to be grateful that You brought me out of enslavement to my own flesh, as well as to the Enemy, just as You delivered the Israelites from Egyptian enslavement ”(Ex.6:13). Forgive me for those times when I seem to forget that, & slip into fleshly behaviour.

Mould and shape me till I am like King David, and have Your heart in all things because “he was a man after God’s own heart” (I Sam. 13:14). I seek after that degree of closeness/intimacy – the ability to feel Your heartbeat, to know what Your heart is leaning towards in each/every situation, with each/every person whom I encounter. I need that in order to be part of the great commission that calls us forth to “make disciples of all people, teaching them to observe all things that You have commanded” (Matt.28:19), not just walking in a lukewarm carnal  state.

Thank-You, Father, that You are “always with me, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20). Thank-You that You lower Yourself to even bother with me/us, to employ mankind to effect Your purposes on earth, “who am I that You should even bother with me? For all things come from You, what of mine could You possibly need or value?” (I Chron. 29:14). Yet You do appoint us as ambassadors to represent You, to bring about Your purposes upon the earth, to redeem humankind who had fallen from grace. Oh, how my heart longs to qualify to be one of Your ambassadors. Give me the anointing to do Your will, Your work, whatever You may have for me to do. Just point the way, Father, by Your Spirit; and I say, as Isaiah, “Here am I! Send me” (Isa.6:8). Thank-You, Father, that I can call myself one of Yours. Thank-You, Yeshua, for what You have done for me, for all of us. Glory to Your Holy Name. Amen.

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