1. Identify those occasions where you have failed to hear God’s voice, and when you look back on the situation you can clearly see that He had been attempting to get Your attention, but You were either too busy or too determined to do things your own way to listen to Him.
  2. Connect the dots to the previous day’s topic, “NEVER ALONE,” and identify how that in the worst of all the worst situations you’ve ever been in you can see that you were not alone.
  3. God has always wanted you to allow Him to lead you, to walk with you. In what ways have you, or are you, running away from God? Avoiding Him, side-stepping Him?
  4. In what ways have you held Him responsible for your failure to hear from Him?
  5. In what ways have you ever felt God had abandoned/rejected you, when you are the one who has distanced from Him?
  6. How can you understand differently now, that your misperception of His rejection is actually your own rejection of Him?
  7. How do you understand God’s desire for you to walk with Him? Why should He care?
  8. Why do you believe God chose you?
  9. How can you understand and accept the privilege of being wanted by an all-powerful, all-knowing, Holy God?
  10. How offensive must it be, then, to an all-powerful, holy God, to be rejected by a fallen, wicked-hearted human?
  11. Please listen with an open heart and a teachable mind, to Jason Upton’s message @  and make a list of all the ways God has spoken to you personally through this message.

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