1. Just as God prepared Mary & Joseph for what was to come, so they could cope with events which were to transpire, so He also often warns US of specific events. Identify events, or special occasions in your life where God has given you a warning.
  2. In what way did He deliver the warning?
  3. In what ways did that message of warning assist you in making yourself ready?
  4. Were you able to respond productively to the warning, or were you paralyzed with fear?
  5. If you were unable to respond to the warning, & you were paralyzed with fear, reflect on the situation and its outcome.
  6. Identify now, if you are walking in closer harmony with the Lord, what a difference there would have been if you had responded appropriately instead of being paralyzed. How different might the outcome have been?
  7. Reevaluate your walk with the Lord now. In what ways are you walking in greater trust, obedience, intimacy and surrender?
  8. Identify all the ways this has improved your sense of confidence in what God is doing in you/your life, and the difference it makes to relationships, decision-making, mental/emotional/psychological and physical wellbeing.
  9. Identify occasions where God’s alert/warning has definitely prevented a disaster.
  10. Identify any occasion where, if you had responded to God’s alert/warning, a disaster would not have occurred.
  11. There are many warning signs right now of how close at hand Messiah’s return must surely be. List those you are aware of.
  12. What is your state of readiness for Messiah’s return? (measuring stick = whether you are afraid of His return, or whether you are eagerly anticipating His return).
  13. If you are more fearful than you are eager, what does that tell you? What do you need to do to make yourself ready?  Only you can do it. Begin today to get your relationship with the Lord in good working order.

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