1. As a woman, if you put yourself in Mary/Miriam’s place, how do you think you would have responded? If you are a male, and you put yourself in Joseph’s place, how might you have responded?
  2. Meditate on the Scriptures telling this phenomenal story, understanding that, at that time, the Holy Spirit had not yet been dispatched to freely indwell God’s people. Although He certainly was dispatched by Yahweh throughout the OT, it was seemingly selective, on special assignment, so-to-speak. How was it that Mary/Miriam and Joseph each were able to respond the way they each did?
  3. As believers, we have the Holy Spirit indwelling our temples; we also have the New Testament. Mary/Miriam and Joseph had neither; yet they demonstrated such a walk of faith, of surrender, of trust. There seems to be much greater difficulty in today’s world of believers, with the kind/degree of trust, obedience, and surrender demonstrated by Mary/Miriam and Joseph. What do you believe it is that accounts for this? Was it just the times? Was it just them? Was it something else?
  4. Note the instant, unquestioning obedience when Joseph received the warnings from God, and he just picked up stakes, and moved on down to Egypt with his little family. What do you suppose that might have been like? It was another test of faith, and Joseph passed the test, once again. How well have you done in those times where God has given you a warning and you needed to drop everything and go? Did you? Or did you dither, dawdle, question  ….. ?
  5. In what situations have you jumped the gun, not waiting for God’s instructions, and just gone ahead and done things according to your own rationalized solution? How did it turn out? In retrospect, was there something that was missed out because of impulsive action? Was there a consequence?
  1. In what ways, and in what instances, have you perhaps failed to move in obedience, because you were expecting to know more details, asking for answers to questions that were not forthcoming, demanding to know “why,” etc., and perhaps missing what God had for you? Reflect on situations in your life, and ascertain if there have been lost opportunities due to such disobedience, distrust, and stubbornness. God is not obliged to provide us with details, answers, reasons, etc. We are obliged to do as we are instructed. He gives us just as much as we need to know in order to take each step as He directs. If you don’t believe this, just go back and study Job in depth.
  2. In what situations/occasions can you look back and identify how that, if you hadn’t heeded a warning, or a prompting to act, you would have missed out on something of major benefit for you?  Or if you hadn’t heeded a warning to not proceed, there would have been dire consequences?
  3. Repent of those times where you have either ignored, or blatantly disobeyed, and missed out. Ask God’s forgiveness for those times of disobedience, doubt, distrust, stubbornness, and rebellious attitude. Put that flesh to death so that you can respond differently in future times.

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