1. Trace the cyclical nature of events that ensued, from OT > NT.
  2. Connect the dots between God’s original purposes, the outcomes, and events from OT > NT.   What can you learn from this?
  3. If God works through His people, what does that mean for you?
  4. In what ways can you identify yourself with being an Ambassador for Yeshua?
  5. Connect the dots between yourself and the blundering disciples of Yeshua. See the parallels and similarities.
  6. If God/Yeshua could use blundering failures then, what does that say about how He can use you?  (It is essential that we realize that we are not required to be perfect specimens in order to be used of God).
  7. Use that understanding (above) to find validation and value in who you are in Christ/Messiah Yeshua. See that you are valuable in your contribution to the Kingdom of God/Heaven. Understand that your value/net worth are not measured by worldly standards when it comes to God’s Kingdom.
  8. In what ways can you identify with what David says in 1 Chron.29:14?
  9. As God’s eyes run to and fro throughout the earth, searching for that perfectly loyal heart (2 Chron.16:9), are His eyes able to identify you? We don’t have to be perfect; but our hearts need to be perfectly surrendered. This is what He’s looking for.
  10. Why should you be His ambassador? Where does everything you have come from? (1 Chron.29:14). Did you get anything that didn’t come from HIM?

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