1. What is the difference between flesh vs. Spirit?
  2. How does that difference manifest in your walk?
  3. How can you tell when you are more into your flesh?
  4. How does this manifest in your walk?
  5. What is the difference when you are walking in the Spirit?
  6. In what areas, in what manner does your flesh dominate in your life?
  7. The Holy Spirit is always with you. In what ways are you aware of His presence? What do you think is interfering with your awareness/ability to experience more of His Presence?
  8. What needs to change in order for you to hear the Holy Spirit more?
  9. To be able to experience Him as your best friend? Your husband? Your Father? Do you commune with Him daily? Do you ask Him questions? Do you share intimate details of your thoughts, life, etc.?
  10. In what ways do you understand the supernatural aspect of: God’s Presence, how He works in your life, how you hear from Him, etc.?
  11. How do you make sense of no longer needing laws, while at the same time, walking in His Word, which includes His Laws? (It is impossible to Walk in the Spirit without obeying His Laws).
  12. Review Rom.6:11-14:
  • In what ways do you allow sin to rule in your life?
  • In what ways do you “keep yielding your body parts to sin as tools of wickedness”? (Realize that your mind is a part of your body; so much sin happens in our minds, & sets the stage for that which we end up doing)
  • How can you begin to more fully yield “your body parts as tools of righteousness to God”?
  1. How can you begin to take charge of your thoughts, and bring them into subjection, that they would be aligned with “the mind of Christ”? (2 Cor.10:5,6).
  2. What is getting in the way of your doing that?

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