1. In what ways do you feel that you have personally, been deceived by leaders in the church?
  2. In what areas are you able to discern such deception around you, either in your place of worship, or other teaching sources?
  3. If you are still here when the Antichrist is ruling over the One World Government, in what areas do you see  yourself being vulnerable?
  4. What do you need to do about that?
  5. In what ways might you be seduced and deceived into believing wrong things, even accepting the Mark of the Beast?
  6. Given that none of us can know at what point the rapture will actually occur, it behooves us all to be prepared for whatever we may need to endure. What does that mean for you, personally? In what ways do you believe you need to be prepared? What do you need to do in order to be prepared?
  7. What is your understanding of the difference between walking in the Spirit/walking in the flesh?  You’ll need to flesh out your understanding in order to avoid getting caught up in deception.
  8. Connect the dots between:  (a) Blessings > Curses    (b) Deception > Judgment © Repentance & obedience > Blessings.  Do you see the cyclical nature of this?
  9. What are the necessary prerequisites to claiming the blessings? (What does Jesus/Yeshua tell you in John 14:21-24, that His manifestation of Himself to you, is conditional to?)
  10. What is the single most important ingredient/prevention against falling prey to deception?

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