1. How do you understand the difference between prayer and the command of faith?
  2. How do you discern when to use the command of faith instead of prayer?
  3. What is it that will enable you to know which format to apply? What is this dependent upon?
  4. What is your comfort level with the command of faith? In what situations have you applied it? For yourself?  For others?
  5. If you are not comfortable with the command of faith, to what do you attribute that sense of unease?
  6. What is the root of that discomfort?  
  7. What should you do about that?
  8. Study the examples given of the situations where the command of faith is applied. Now go to your Bible and look for examples where prayer is the mode applied. What are some differences? What might be the reason behind choosing one over the other?
  9. What are the three prerequisite/conditions which define the boundaries within which we are granted the authority to apply the command of faith?  
  10. Why is that important to know? What difference will it make?
  11. Now I can hear some folks asking: “But if those things are so important, why didn’t Yeshua/Jesus say that to His disciples?”  Answer:  His disciples had been walking in intimacy with Him for some time already. He had already taught/demonstrated those prerequisites. At this point, He did not need to reiterate to them that which they already understood.

It is our job to know His Word. Therefore it is our responsibility to connect the dots between related passages, so that we do not take one Scripture, isolate it, for our purposes, and use it out of context. That is our responsibility.

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