1. How does the reality that God chooses certain individuals, families, people groups, and nations, fit with your image of Who God is, of His justice, and notions of equality?
  2. What does it mean that God is Abraham’s “shield”?  What does it mean for you, personally? In what ways can you apply that promise for your self?
  3. If you “Continually walk before Me (Him) and you will be blameless,” as He instructed Abraham, what do you suppose that would mean for you?
  4. We can see from the passages in Genesis 17 that Yahweh is a God of Covenant. In what ways have you entered into Covenant with Him?
  5. If you are chosen, how does the Abrahamic Covenant apply to you/your life?
  6. If “Yahweh created the people of Israel out of Abraham’s faith and obedience,” what might He do through you/your life if you are faithful and obedient?
  7. What is your understanding and awareness of anti-Semitism? I recommend you to reference and study Hennessy’s article quoted here, in order to better understand his perspective on the issue of being chosen, and as it pertains to anti-Semitism.
  8. What needs to happen for you to become more understanding of God’s Ways, His Sovereignty, and more accepting of your position in relation to that?
  9. In what ways do you view yourself as that “clay in the Potter’s Hand”?
  10. Why or why not?

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