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  1. How have you contemplated the mysteries of God?
  2. What is most troublesome for you about the things that God does not reveal?
  3. Use this STUDY as an opportunity to put into perspective past occasions in your life where you have been asking “why?” from God, in reference to events, crises, upsetting events, and happenings in your own life, or that of family members.
  4. How can you understand differently, from this STUDY, that bad things which occur should not cause one to lose faith?
  5. What is it that will assist you in making the move to trusting God with the things in life that do not make sense according to your logical thinking?
  6. What four things do the passages quoted in the STUDY substantiate on this TOPIC? Perhaps you can find others, as well . . . .
  7. God is not locked into our rationale, our logical reasoning, or analysis. God has His own supernatural system of reasoning. The closer you get to knowing HIM, the less questioning you will need to do.

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